Skills improvement ability certification docking position
For students and people who are committed to the development of the Internet/e-commerce field, iBodao has launched a career development path model, reintegrated the resources in iBodao, sorted out different career development directions to help everyone understand themselves and realize their career dreams!
More career paths are in sustainable planning....


  • Q:Are the learning contents free?

    A:The training of required courses, tasks, and quizzes in all directions of the career path in 2017 are all free. As long as you have the courage to persevere and study hard, we will help you achieve competency certification for free.

  • Q:How to apply for matching certificate?

    A:First of all, you need to complete all the courses under a certain career path, get "good" or "excellent" grades in all tasks and pass each test (that is, each set of tests scores more than 60 points). Those who complete a series of training and meet the standard can apply for the CEAC certificate matching the career path. After submitting the application, the corresponding certificate fee must be paid.

  • Q:What can the certificate be used for?

    A:The certificate can be used when you apply for a job, as a strong proof of your ability. For example, obtaining the "Certificate of Operation Ability of Online Store" , you can participate in the recruitment of operation positions of enterprise online store without written test, so that the job search is quicker.