What is iBodao?

iBodao is a comprehensive growth platform for e-commerce students. However, little i doesn't stop there...
For students majoring in e-commerce or interested in e-commerce, iBodao can help you find your own interest in e-commerce, establish a career development plan, improve your e-commerce skills, and continue to make breakthroughs and grow until you enter a relevant enterprise. For teachers majoring in e-commerce, iBodo can improve your teaching organization and management ability and enhance the teaching effect through strong online classes and diversified teaching resources.
For e-commerce enterprises, there are e-commerce students all over the country, waiting for you to find.

iBodao interpretation

i is the Internet and love; Bodao: to guide the future, is not only a lofty status of teaching and research personnel, but also the core name of an enterprise.
iBodao provides Internet education and teaching support services for the majority of teachers. I hope every teacher can be as professional as iBodao -- professional, outstanding level, outstanding ability, students all over the world.

The Information Age connects iBodao