With the advent of the Internet era, data has become the core of development. In the classroom of Chinese education, teaching and research have played a more definite, more effective and more convenient role through the teaching classroom of data management. Data has become an important basis for the modernization and intelligent reform of Chinese education.

iBodao teaching management platform, is a product of the era of big data to cloud teaching, based on the domestic institutions of higher learning, vocational colleges preferred intelligent teaching tools "iBodao APP, PC platform", for colleges and universities, vocational colleges teaching managers, supervisors, evaluators, diagnosis and decision makers, providing intelligent cloud teaching big data aggregation, storage, management, statistics, analysis, mining, early warning, and decision-making support platform.

iBodao cloud teaching management platform, through the data aggregation, multi-dimensional teaching situation of present colleges and universities, management, intelligent data analysis, data for colleges and universities are more intuitive to see behind the phenomenon, more quickly determine the feasibility of the teaching action, a more scientific education scheme to estimate the running efficiency, uncover and traditional teaching is difficult to solve the mystery of ······


iBodao teaching management platform is a platform for intelligent cloud teaching big data management, statistical analysis, data mining and learning situation early warning for universities and vocational colleges, filling the gap of traditional classroom teaching management in China. Through this management platform, the school can easily and comprehensively track the classroom teaching and learning behavior of teachers and students.

iBodao can help colleges and universities to install independent iBodao resource platform. While the management, resources, teaching results and other data of colleges and universities can be generated automatically, it also has confidentiality, which truly realizes the intelligentization of classroom teaching management and can also be used for classroom teaching evaluation or teaching diagnosis and reform in vocational colleges.


Quantitative management of educational process

Through the data to understand the knowledge points of each class students master state, learning ability, learning progress, stage and characteristics. Each class is responsible for the teacher's teaching action, teaching status, teaching results and teaching enthusiasm.

Visual management of education

Daily statistics of classes, teachers, students, data, course number changes, attendance status, class activity

Data of educational decision making

Statistics of basic data of teachers, students, teaching resources and teaching activities, teacher teaching analysis, student learning situation analysis, textbook resources, teaching results, class number, attendance rate and student failure rate of the whole school.

Individualization of education mode

The learning behavior of students is recorded in real time, the experience value stimulates the learning process of students, and the teacher thumb up gives the experience value reward record, which can understand the interest points of students more easily to learn in real time and realize personalized teaching

Comprehensive evaluation of education

Record performance of students' homework, classroom interaction, tests and attendance data, and record data of teachers' classroom activities, homework, tests and resources. Let the quality of teaching results show from multiple dimensions.

Intelligent data analysis

Intelligent analysis of the data behind the hidden situation, give reasonable Suggestions to help users save the time of data analysis.